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Travelling with 3 kids under 4!

Travelling with 3 kids under 4!

A family trip to Hawaii was just what we needed for some quality family time. The thought of taking three children under 4 was terrifying. Our children at the time were 3, 2 and 11 months. 

We started planning our journey with practical ideas/items that would make life at the airport, hotel and traveling between as easy as possible. Some items we already had that were truly invaluable were our baby carrier and pram bag (that also stored our portable cot, portable high chair and bedding). 

We unfortunately don't stock our JetKids travel suitcase, but I am more than happy to recommend them! They were one of our best purchases! Our older two boys (2 & 3) enjoyed riding on them through the airport and they come with an attachment so they can be pulled along too if they get too tired. They hold all their carry on luggage and also converted to a fold out bed in the leg area of the seat in the plane. Our boys slept for most of the plane trip, which meant for a smooth next day when checking into our hotel.

At the airport, during the hotel stay and on the plane trip home we were so lucky we took some quality travel toys with us. Our cloth books were our first choice and knew they'd entertain the children for hours as we have them permanently in our car for trips and restaurant visits. We chose to take the quiet books, which all three children loved. Lucy our 11month old loved to pull the pieces off and put them back on, Nick our two year old enjoyed the puzzle, zippers and train. Will our almost 4 year old also played with them, practising tying his shoe laces, playing with the buttons and other parts of the book. I took my personal favourite which is the My Chores Book. We used a muslin wrap on the ground so all the pieces stayed in one place. Lucky we had the front row! 

We took a pack of wooden vehicles with us too. The children all liked to play with these. The endless possibilities of the toys enabled all the kids to use them in different ways. Our eldest Will made a track on the ground using the masking tape I had taken with us. Lucy just liked to hold and push them. 

The last travel toy we took was for the older two children. It was a magnetic funny faces. It was great to watch them make many funny faces with each other and discuss the characteristics of each face. Nick was asking lots of questions about the eyebrows and eyelashes. Will was showing us how he made a 'cranky', 'upside down' and 'funny' face. 

These three types of toys were all we took with us for a 10 day holiday.  My personal love is finding toys that have many purposes and that can be used for a range of ages. We have lots of great travel toys for your next holiday. If you'd like me to suggest toys for your children based on their age and interests please don't hesitate to contact me.

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