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Cause and effect… Learning through play

Cause and effect… Learning through play

As a parent and educator, I love seeing a young child's face light up with surprise and wonder as they play with a toy.  Some toys encourage the child to perform an action, with a reaction following. This developmental milestone is called cause and effect. Before children turn two years of age, they generally learn that an action brings on a type of reaction. It is the beginning of the cause and effect process coming into play and it’s a stage of development that is extremely important.

A cause and effect toy encourages children to explore the relationship a toy has with the outcome. Toys that have an immediate effect after a child plays with it, encourages children to learn, explore and develop.

At Little Toy Lane we sell a range of toys that encourage this important stage of development. Here are just a few of the toys that we have that encourage, inspire and develop little minds:

 Slope Tumbler Roller

 Farm House Walk and Learn

 Wooden House Pounding Game

 Melody Mix

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